How to Choose a Massage Therapist That’s Right for You.

Have you been considering getting a massage but overwhelmed by your google search of “massage near me” or were you disappointed by the last massage you received and thought maybe massage just isn’t for you? You’re not alone! We’ve heard these concerns and many like them from our clients and we’d love to share some insider tips on how to choose a massage therapist that’s right for you.

Identify Your Goals and Current Wellbeing

Are you seeking massage therapy to reduce stress, muscle tightness, chronic pain or suffering from an injury? Each one of these is important when deciding what type of massage therapy you would best benefit from.


Hot and cold stone massage

Get a Referral

To also help you narrow down your search, talk to your friends or family. You may find someone who has a similar condition as you and are already seeing a therapist. With that being said keep in mind if your friend is getting a Swedish massage every 6 weeks “just to relax” and you’re seeking massage due to a shoulder injury you may be seeking a therapist that specializes in a different type of massage.

Another great source of referrals is your chiropractor, physical therapist or medical specialist. They often have a working relationship with massage therapists in their area. You may even be able to discuss with your care provider having them contact that therapist to discuss your current treatment plan.


Check Your Referrals

Now that you have a few names it’s time to do a little research. You should always be cautious about selecting a therapist solely by reference. References are not always screened for Therapists who are self taught and unlicensed. Make a phone call to find out more about the therapist you’re considering. A few questions that are great to ask are:
  • What are their specialites?
  • What type of training have they recieved?
  • What type of credentials do they have? Ex. State License, Professional Organization, Insurance?
  • *AMTA, ABMP and the State of Wisconsin all have credential verification on their websites.
  • How far in advance should you schedule?
    • Keep in mind many great massage therapists may not have availability for a month or two.
  • What’s their cancellation Policy?
  • Do they require a physician’s release for certain medical conditions?


Schedule that Appointment

Now that you’ve done your homework it’s time to schedule that appointment! We recommend scheduling your appointment in advance on a day where you won’t feel rushed or have the need to complete a big to-do list after your massage. Arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment to use the restroom and complete any paperwork. Remember to communicate your needs with your therapist. If something is uncomfortable let your therapist know. They want you to receive the BEST massage possible and can’t read your mind if the temperature is too warm or the pressure is too little or too much. Lastly don’t forget to stay hydrated and enjoy your massage!

Wishing you health and happiness,
Ebalance Massage & Wellness

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